SAGE Website Professional is one of the latest product offerings from your friends at SAGE. If you're a SAGE subscriber, then you already know about SAGE Website Standard. SAGE Professional is an add-on module to your SAGE Website Standard, giving you the ability to publish on the fly and keep your web presence dynamic and captivating to your visitors.

Beyond SAGE Website Professional, we can also enable your site with a complete end-buyer product searching and ordering module. SAGE Website Standard permits customers to search the entire SAGE database (without any supplier-identifying information), request more information, and place online orders! The "Search" button and the product categories on this site are the SAGE Website Standard component.

Do you have customers who are asking for online company stores? We have the solution! With SAGE Company Stores, you can publish full-featured e-commerce sites for any of your customers, using the same instant publishing simplicity you see here in SAGE Website Professional!

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