Our Favorites (custom page)

Our Favorites

We have promotional products that fit every personality and lifestyle. Here are a few of our favorites!


Ben Haynes
Sr. Team Lead - Sales

My Favorite Promotional Items

PitchFix Magnetic Ball Marker Hat Clip

"This golf hat clip makes for a great giveaway at your next golf tournament. I received one years ago from a tournament in California and carried it back with me. I still use it all these years later when I’m out on the course in my free time."



Emily Tally
Account Executive

My Favorite Promotional Items

iMist Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

"I love this essential oil diffuser because I can use it in my office where I normally wouldn’t be able to put a candle. I can also switch out the fragrances with different oils to keep it fresh! It is such a versatile product for your brand."



Mark Hansen
Account Executive

My Favorite Promotional Items

The Official Baggo Bean Bag Toss Game

"This game goes where I go. I’ve taken it to picnics, barbecues, watch parties, the beach, you name it. It’s such a fun and useful product for groups to gather around and really gives your brand that extra wow factor."



Amanda Williams
Account Executive

My Favorite Promotional Items

Bamboo Cutting & Serving Board

"I got this set as a customer loyalty gift last year. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve used it. We do a lot of entertaining at my house, so I’ve used it as a serving tray as well. It’s such a high-quality board, it makes your brand look polished."

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